Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Little Sanity 


Can we just keep the world slightly sane while I'm forced to go insane studying for this retarded fucking test?

I can handle being insane. And I can handle the world being insane. Not sure I can deal with both.

I'm taking the evening off and getting some free food and drinks with my lovely lady courtesy of my employer, in the company of friends and coworkers. Only 2 subjects are off limits when conversing with me.

1) the bar exam. I've been staring at this shit all day and have come to the conclusion that Real Property may very well be the death of me.

2) people killing each other in the Middle East. Tired...so tired. I'm writing a letter to all states and non-state militant groups involved. "Please postpone acts of violence that may lead to full-fledged regional war until after July 27th. Thank you."

On a brighter note, my car is back and appears to be running fine despite the fact that the check engine light remains on. Repair shop down the street did the work for a really fair price and targeted the problem well. Need work on your car and live in central L.A.? Check out Saenz on Fletcher at the 5...highly recommended.

Also on a brighter note. I booked tickets to fly to Texas for 3 weeks in August/early September. Can't wait to go home for a bit, even if home is 3 cities and a farm separated by 400+ miles.

I also booked a hotel in SF for the weekend of the 28th (day after hell ends). Get to meet up with some bestest friends who live in Boston and are not seen nearly enough these days. Really looking forward to that. Always like family when we get to spend time with those cats. If any of you NorCal fools are going to be around that weekend, I'd love to meet up for a drink. Hollah back. We're staying Union Squarish the 28th and 29th and then in Oakland with a friend on the 30th.

Combine that weekend and Texas with the Cabo beach and fishing trip they're sandwiching and as bad as studying is right now, life'll be sweet for at least a month afterward. Yeehaw!

Now back to the books...got a little ahead of myself there.

Monday, July 10, 2006


So in my last post I mentioned Jess's car breaking down.

Well, today mine broke down.


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