Thursday, June 15, 2006

Libertarian Dems? 

Check out this post from Kos.

It talks about "libertarian dems." It's inspired, it seems, by the Democratic resurgence in the mountain west, and what that means for changing ideas in the Democratic party.

It also happens to be a fair approximation of the political philosophy that supports my views on most subjects.

Monday, June 12, 2006

U.S. Soccer in 2006 

Pathetic. No movement, no connection, no chances.

What a depressing fucking match.

The early goal just took us completely out of the match. We gave them our own third between the 25 and 40 all game long.

What a sad performance.

UPDATE: You could tell Wynalda and Lalas felt the same way I did when they cut to the studio after the final whistle. They barely kept their composure at all. You could tell they wanted to grab the U.S. team and give them shaken baby syndrome.

And they played like little babies today. Gun shy about moving into the box. No breaks because everyone except Donovan and later Johnson was willing to take the ball at the Czech line.

It looked like somebody slipped xanax into the water jugs on the U.S. side.

What a waste of talent.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Sucks to be Iran's keeper right now.

I really wish the announcers would cut it out with the whole backstory human interest bullshit. This ain't the Olympics. Let's watch some soccer. Sanchez's father was worth mentioning...once or twice. You could tell Balboa was getting a little uncomfortable about the other (really annoying) guy making such a big deal about it.

And then all the bullshit about the political situation, as if the Iranian team is made up of politicos who are out there for ideological reasons. For all the brouhaha you'd have thought they were actively enriching uranium at midfield in the 60th minute. They're fucking footballers - let them play.

Kudos to Bravo. What a great match for a young player.

Now I'm off to buy a beard trimmer (I'm gonna rock the full-on chops again for a while), and to change my oil. Should be back to "study" during the next match.

I'm so going to fail the bar.

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