Monday, April 17, 2006


Probative mentioned that a friend of his was working on a documentary project on cilantro. He doesn't mention whether he's a fan or not, but I love the stuff.

That said, Ihatecilantro.com is still funny. The stories are great.

But here's the idea that this link gave me. I think it's a really good one. You see, I love mojitos. I really like eating aromatic leaves out of the bottom of a glass from which I've just finished sucking a delicious citrus-rum combination. It makes me smile. And yes...I eat the leaves. So there.

But my lovely, talented, wonderful girlfriend outdid herself on Friday. We were at Central Market and we wanted to buy a huge jug of fresh-squeezed lime juice to make some mojitos. But apparently limes are at a premium right now. So she just dashes off and grabs some really nice fresh basil. Then she grabs the lemon juice and off we go. When we get back to the house she gets out a glass and muddles the basil in lemon juice and sugar. Then she adds some good dark rum and just a tad more than a splash of Topo Chico soda water. Lemon basil mojitos. Fucking delicious.

So here's my idea. Grapefruit cilantro mojitos. I know it sounds a little out there, but I'm gonna try it this weekend for sure. I'll report back with a recipe as soon as I perfect it (read: never).

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