Wednesday, September 13, 2006


As an initial matter, I'm adopting Probative's policy of not writing about work (see 1). I find this a more balanced approach to the blog issue than those who've decided to hang it up (god rest their blog-souls).

I'm also going to follow Probative's lead and write about work anyway. At least a little.

So far, I like work. I'm having to adjust to the schedule, of course, but it's giving me an opportunity to adjust some other things in my life that I felt needed adjusting. Hence the smoking cessation and the beginnings of getting back into shape (Men's Health workouts here I come).

The atmosphere at work is exactly what I need. It really is as laid back as they advertised. I wore sandals and ripped-up jeans with a t-shirt on top today and loved it. I get along well with my co-workers so far, and most of the people I summered with haven't even showed up yet (and I get along with them very well).

The work is challenging already, but I've been staffed on cases that look to be interesting with partners I like. The work is also copious -- apparently they couldn't wait for more associates to arrive and we're stepping into a busy time at the firm. Fine by me. I'd rather be swamped than bored, and it means it's easy to find work even though I've just begun to get used to the nothing-is-spoonfed system.

Alright, dinner time now, maybe a bit more later. Overall, everything's good...I think I've landed myself about where I need to be.


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