Thursday, September 07, 2006

Settling in... 

It's amazing how long it takes for me to really nest into a place. Ever since leaving my parents' house in Houston in 1998, I've lived in a half-moved-in state. One of the things I decided to do upon relocating to Los Angeles was to change that.

I feel like this is my home. One that I'm sharing with my better half. It's a good feeling, and part of that feeling is really settling in. I love our place (if you still haven't seen it, click here for Jessie's flickr tour). So I've spent a significant portion of every day since Monday working on little things around the house. The most important is finishing unpacking. But that requires finding storage for everything, which means trips to places like Target and the Container Store.

I've still got to go get some shelving to set up my sound/DJ gear, but other than that most of the major work is done. In fact, the flickr tour doesn't really do the place justice as it is now.

I'm also quitting smoking again. Cold turkey again. Poor Jess. But I think I'm already over the worst of the physical cravings and sudden desires to rampage and kill everyone. Now I just gotta keep sucking on the toothpicks and everything will be okay. Pretty soon I'm going to be a non-smoking, occasionally-exercising, totally-moved-in, working (yikes!) member of society.


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