Saturday, July 01, 2006

England Out 

Well, the story was Rooney acting like a little prick. Sad to see a player with such talent make the game look bad, though I'm not sure it warranted a red card. But I'll give the ref a break because he handled the rest of the match brilliantly. Finally a ref who will let footballers play football.

But the other story was Ricardo in goal for Portugal. Sweet mother mercy. I thought Lehman set the gold standard for reading PKs. But Ricardo read every shot and got a jump on every shot. The man was a brick wall. Great match, though. That Ronaldo is no joke. In terms of young players making their mark on the tournament, he's up at the top of the list.

Now I'm off to a pub to watch Brazil eat France for lunch (while I eat a burger for lunch).

BBQ and beach tomorrow. It'll be my first trip to the beach since moving out here. Criminal.


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