Monday, June 12, 2006

U.S. Soccer in 2006 

Pathetic. No movement, no connection, no chances.

What a depressing fucking match.

The early goal just took us completely out of the match. We gave them our own third between the 25 and 40 all game long.

What a sad performance.

UPDATE: You could tell Wynalda and Lalas felt the same way I did when they cut to the studio after the final whistle. They barely kept their composure at all. You could tell they wanted to grab the U.S. team and give them shaken baby syndrome.

And they played like little babies today. Gun shy about moving into the box. No breaks because everyone except Donovan and later Johnson was willing to take the ball at the Czech line.

It looked like somebody slipped xanax into the water jugs on the U.S. side.

What a waste of talent.


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