Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Throwtogether Meal 

I don't really cook. It's important that you know that. If you're a good cook, you're not allowed to make fun of me.

So I've been trying my hand at a few things. Mostly because when you cook 3 meals a day, it gets a little boring when it goes cereal, turkey sandwich, pasta, cereal, turkey sandwich, pasta, cereal, turkey sandwich, pasta, etc. etc. etc.

I still eat a lot of pasta, and I didn't suddenly become allergic to frozen pizza either, but I am expanding my repetoire a wee bit, one baby step at a time. I've also still got mad blood sugar issues and kitchen-inspired ADD that sometimes devolves into something resembling waking night terrors. My point is that I'm a shitty cook.

The ADD thing is important. I can't do day-long preparation dishes. I really can't do anything that takes more than 30 minutes or so to make. So clearly this limits my fledgling repetoire, but it's also what the title of this post is all about. I'm trying to teach myself some new throwtogethers, because that's just about all I can make.

This evening, I learned something new. It's easier to throwtogether side dishes that complement a staple main dish than it is to throw together a main dish. Hence, my new invention (seriously, don't laugh):

This is my new invention. It's a savory thin cracker with some roasted artichoke spread. There's a drop of hot sauce hiding under each cucumber slice you see there, and the whole shebang is topped off with half an olive.

I did the whole thing (including coming up with the idea) while I was waiting for my pasta to boil and my veggies to sautee before I threw the marinara on top of them. And the new addition made my meal of pasta with red sauce much more interesting than normal. See how that works?

So I'm not just typing this to brag that I can throw shit on a cracker all by my big bad self. I need more ideas, and seeing how I'm borderline retarded and generally confused about everything, I've got none left.

So do any of you guys have some really quick things you throw together at the house when you just need an easy meal quick? I could use some tips.

By the way, this is how I like to cook.

I know my way around campfires and grills pretty well, but both require too much time to recreate on my back porch every day. Don't get me wrong. I've already BBQed since I got here. Once with other people and a to-remain-unmentioned number of times kept company only by a bottle of Jameson's and a smile.

Not that there's anything wrong with that, but bacon over a fire isn't a practical breakfast before Barbri.


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