Sunday, June 18, 2006


Okay. I just had more fun than a oughta be allowed by law.

I'm not talking about watching the worst ref in the history of World Cup soccer. That was something else. What a fucking useless sack of flesh that mutherfucker was. 3 red cards? 2 of them unwarranted? At least the U.S. showed up to play some ball. Even DeMarcus acted like he was drawing a paycheck for a change. And Keller in the box? Forget about it. My boys are back.

What I am talking about is Keb fucking Darge. I just danced my ass off for about 3 1/2 hours to the best goddamn DJ set of funk, soul, danceable blues and disco mayhem I've ever witnessed. Sweet mother mercy that was fun as a motherfucker (can you tell I've been sippin' on a bourbon or two?).

Next time out I'm rollin' with the digicam and posting some pics. I shot the shit with Keb and learned a lot about the tunes in his bag. Got to meet Cut Chemist, Egon, and Miles of the Rootdown crew as well. These cats bring funk like it was meant to be. Dancefloor friendly, but deep and way out in left field on occasion. And the floor was bumpin' all night long. Even to the straight blues and latin goodness. I'm not sure if people knew what they were hearing, but that's the beauty of it. It would be like pullin' teeth to get that many boots on the floor in Austin.

So the U.S. plays to a 1-1 draw a man down the whole second half and then I get to go shake my ass to some killer funk. Hallefuckinlujah. That's a nice Saturday.


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