Wednesday, June 21, 2006

MBE and Procrastination 

Wings is worried about having to do so many MBE problems in a row. First, for you lucky pricks not studying for the bar, MBE stands for Multistate Bar Exam. That's the multiple choice part of the bar and the only part that all states have in common. That means I take the same MBE as everyone else.

Well...just to rub shit in, here's my newest study-story. I did 100...100...MBE questions in a row yesterday. That's basically a simulated morning MBE and I did it in the right amount of time. And I got 76. That's good for a first try (I think). I think it's even passing.

Booyah. Now if I could actually learn the rules well enough to write an essay...

Of course, I'm not going to be doing that today. My schedule was eat, read internet, soccer, read internet, soccer, book travel for Cabo in August, read internet, and now I'm watching baseball. I think I'm going to go buy my granddad a birthday card here in a bit. Then I might actually choose to start working on my loan consolidation rather than have to study for the bar anymore. Now that's procrastination.


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