Monday, May 29, 2006

Los Angeles Radio 

One of the things that's made this move easier that I didn't anticipate is the quality of Los Angeles radio. Don't get me wrong, the commercial stations are just as retarded as they've become all over the country, but the public radio in Los Angeles is awesome, with much greater variety than a market like Austin.

This post is by no means meant to put down or belittle KUT or KOOP in Austin, both of which provide great programming and community services. But there are just more options in L.A., and the greater number of options includes a greater diversity and depth of programming.

For example, I've fallen back in love with KCRW. I'd argue that it's the best radio station in the country. The music programming is phenomenal, and they provide news updates and NPR programming at just the right times of day and night.

But what if you need to know, right now, some bit of news. Let's say, by way of a personal example, whether Lay and Skilling managed to squirm off the hook. But you missed the initial broadcast. No problem. Just hit your pre-programmed memory button for KPCC. As far as I can tell, this station is NPR-style news (i.e., not editorial but really, honestly news) pretty much all the time. Local, national, international - you name it. From headlines to in depth reporting, it's a great resource.

That's just scratching the surface. There's loads of public radio here and most of it is great. There's a station that is like KPFT in Houston, but I can't remember it's call letters. It has progressive/leftist content like Democracy Now and the like pretty much round the clock. Need that jazz or blues fix from well-versed djs playing classics and left-of-center gems? Check out KJazz (KKJZ).

Well, you get the idea.

Now I'm a music snob and a music junkie. But I haven't put on a CD in my car since I arrived in the city a week ago. That should be enough to tell you how great - and consistently great - public radio is around these parts. If you don't believe me, most of the stations broadcast online - check 'em out.


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