Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Dallas Gig 

I said I'd get to it eventually, and eventually is now. Here's some pics from the Get Broke invades Dallas gig on April 15th.

First, the partners in crime, Merrick and myself, gettin' ready to get the place hype:
Damn my hair was gettin' long. I'm all shorn now...lookin' mighty respectable.

Here's a shot of the crowd from the DJ booth.
The venue was Zubar. I'd been there before, and nobody danced, so I was stoked when the place blew up. Good times.

I'm in a picture-postin' mood right now. Had to be at the house all day waiting for delivery of my new bed. It's here now, and it kicks ass. But because I've been waiting around I've got all my gadgets in a row and can finally sort through my gig-big card that's been festering in my camera for a few weeks. So get ready for some more pics.


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