Thursday, March 02, 2006


I went to see my favorite Austin band, Grupo Fantasma, last night. Best damn latin dance music band...ever. As usual, they brought the party. They usually play at The Parish (I'm finally getting used to saying that now), but last night the show was at Maggie Mae's. The crowd was thin for a Grupo show, but you can't see them live and not dance, so it was rowdy.

Now my head hurts and I've felt all morning like I've been walking on a balance beam, about to fall off.

It was worth it. If you haven't seen these cats live, do it now. Also, check out Brownout - a side project from some of the Grupo guys - for some instrumental funk that could easily have made it into my post on throwback funk outfits except that they don't have a CD yet. But they do have a 7" out on Freestyle Records, an eclectic, prolific label out of London that is one of my faves recently. The record release party is on Saturday night at Emo's - a weird venue again, but they never disappoint. I'll be there - you should be, too.


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