Thursday, February 02, 2006

Recently Rediscovered Gem 

Marvin Gaye - "Far Cry" off his 1981 album In Our Lifetime.

The Wikipedia entry on the album explains that Motown's treatment of the work led to Marvin leaving the label. He also accused the label of fiddling with the music (which he wrote, produced, and performed himself) before releasing it.

Well, I dunno if the label monkeys tweaked "Far Cry" or not. But if they did, it's to their credit. The tune is sparse and minimal, making good use of Marvin's vocal styling, but keeping the actual words few and far between. It starts with a slow build featuring a sick, low end baseline and driving hats. Then come the scattered snares and kicks. The build continues, but keeps floating on without breaking until about half-way through the song where he totally flips the script. The thing drops tempo into a slow, spaced out blues bridge that would make Pink Floyd proud. Then the driving hats and scattered snares are back and the tempo is driving again. It's enough to make you fall in love with music all over again.

The folks who make it out to Get Broke tonight will definitely be getting an earful of this one at peaktime. Can't wait to see the looks on faces as butts start movin' independent of the wills of their owners. It's a jock's greatest pleasure.


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