Friday, November 11, 2005

Regarding the President's Speech 

Fuck you, too.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Austin Deserves Better 

I'm really pissed that this isn't going to be showing in Austin.

Hopefully that will change when it cleans up at the theaters it is in.


So I was reading about this new paleontology find. The article starts like this:
A bizarre marine crocodile that lived 135 million years ago in what is now
Argentina had the head of a dinosaur and the tail of a fish, paleontologists
said on Thursday.

I always think its strange when reporters insist on remarking on how each new species fromm the past we discover is so "bizarre" or "otherwordly" or "almost magical" or whatever.

But then I got to this part:
The animal is "the most bizarre marine crocodile known to date," said Diego
Pol, a co-author of the study.

Well, can't blame that on the reporter, can I? That doesn't seem very scientific to me. Most aquatic, sure. Most bizarre? Hmm... I can't tell whether that's a value judgment or an aesthetic one, but either way it seems pretty subjective.

I wonder what the scientific scale of "bizarreness" looks like.

And more importantly, where do I fit on that scale.

I hope I'm at least a 6.


The General has the new map of Kansas.

Choosing Leaders 

Digby (who I don't read enough anymore) comments on the special election in California that made Arnold look quite the tool:
Schwarzenegger is toast. After watching Bush and him in action maybe people
are finally beginning to move beyond the "dumbshit guy I'd like to hang out
with" and "movie stars are, like, awesome" methods of choosing our

Don't count on it, but I guess one can hope.

I wouldn't mind having a wonky president, though. I wonder when we last had a president that could be described as a wonk? Not in my lifetime. Clinton and Bush Sr. both had pretty good heads on their shoulders, but they weren't straight up policy gurus, at least to my knowledge. Reagan is about as far from wonk as you can get.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Intelligent Design 

Amy Sullivan says that even though the school board in Kansas is trying to pull back from that pesky Enlightenment thing, there's more good news than bad.

If the next election for school boards in Kansas follow the one in Dover and those fundies end up on their ass, there's more at stake than just ID in schools. It's local organizations like school boards that have given the "base" of the Republican party - i.e. the religious right - so much power in American politics today. If they're losing at that level, then it's a bellweather that their overreaching is backfiring on them even at the local level. If that were to happen nationwide, the results would be pleasing to folks like me from city councils to capitol hill.

And now I'll stop highjacking every post from the Washington Monthly blog.


Kevin Drum makes a good point about economic growth, and what "growth" we should focus on.

Monday, November 07, 2005


I know the overlap of people who follow my djing and people who read my blog is about 2 people, but I'm posting this here anyway:

Sunday, November 06, 2005

New President... 

...of the University of Texas.

And it's current UT Law dean Bill Powers.

If he ends up being half as adept as president as he has been as a dean, then the university has a bright future.

Congrats, Dean Powers.

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