Thursday, September 15, 2005

I know, I know. Still on Pause. 

Here's a thing I thought was good.

Tom Friedman in yesterday’s New York Times: “Last year, we cut the National Science Foundation budget, while indulging absurd creationist theories in our schools . . .

F I just want to stress that those of you who are Republicans or libertarians are welcome in the Democratic Party.

  • We don’t rack up massive deficits without good purpose (the last one we racked up was to fight and win World War II).
  • We find ways to topple and imprison genocidal dictators like Milosovich at relatively low cost – we would have been more effective with Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.
  • We would be encouraging embryonic stem cell research, not seeking a global United Nations ban (which, thankfully, we “lost” most recently, 79-80).
  • We don’t believe Tom DeLay should make life’s intensely difficult choices for your daughter or your dying parent.
You won’t like everything about us. But overall, isn’t it time to reevaluate?
That's good framing from our side for a change, even if it is reactive. God I hope progressives learn how to do that politics thing again...and soon.

Monday, September 12, 2005

New Link 

At the bottom of the "friends" section.

The blog belongs to Michael, Jessie's little brother. Right now he's posting a newsletter from military personel in Iraq, but I'm using this post to encourage him to add his own content to the blog as well.

In any event, it's a first-hand take on the situation over there, which is invaluable.

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