Saturday, July 23, 2005

Backstroke of the West 

This is great.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I'd feel more comfortable if Bush had nominated this Roberts.

Sounds like a politically masterful pick, though. Not enough record to impale him on. Conservative but not bat-shit-crazy reactionary. Apparently regarded by all as quite brilliant.

I'm happy because the pick shows a willingness from Bush not to pick a fight at every opportunity - he could have sent up Brown or Owen, for example.

But now it's back to my break from politics.

Here's a cool interactive learning experience if you've got some extra time laying around.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Break from break from political stuff:

Rumor is that Clement is going to get the nod from Bush.

I don't know much about her that hasn't been said, but I do know this would be a better pick than Janice Rogers Brown or "Ol' Fillibuster" Owen. At least Clement has a low profile.

But it seems to me she could be a dark horse. Will she be Bush's Souter?

Of course, as of now this is totally unsubstantiated rumor mongering...but then again this is a blog.

Gnomes Gnomes Gnomes 

Someone in Colorado has a thing for gnomes.

Read the whole thing. I'm thinking that the culprit is some sort of genetically superior meta-gnome. Check this bit out:
On June 13, the saga took a strange twist when Johnson [a local reporter] found an abused gnome in her front yard, its eyes blackened with ink, bandages on its head, its arm in a sling and one foot covered with bandages. Red nail polish resembling blood was painted on his bandages and nose and on his little, pointy hat.

The culprit left a note, too:


This is getting ugly.


Hee, hee."

Mike Peters is another local reporter. I'm grounding my meta-gnome theory in the "hee, hee" language of the note. That's Gnomish for "Gonna kneecap your ass."

Oh yeah... 

...my blog. Almost forgot.

So last week Jess didn't get in touch with me at all because she was without electricity in very rural Southern China. I got worried, but she was - of course - totally okay.

I'm trying to get her to update her blog. What she's doing these days is way more interesting than what I'm doing, and I'm enjoying my break from political material for the rest of the summer.

Click over to her. I think she has one new update recently.

I'm going to start carrying my camera around with me everywhere I go for a couple of days as an experiment. So expect some picture blogging in the not-to-distant future (I think).

UPDATE: Jess ate dog.

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