Friday, June 24, 2005

Jessie's Blog 

I wish that I had Jessie's Blog!

Click here to get to her myspace account.

This should work as a direct link to her blog.

There's some blogging from China to keep you company while I'm hiking my way through New Mexico.

Curious thing: China blocks access to blogger (so Jess can't read this) but not myspace, which has a blogging feature. Go figure.

UPDATE: I'm changing Jessie's blog's old link over to the left to the new blog from China. Check often, I'll move it up to a new section.


I'll be there this weekend, so no blogging. Just hikin' and chillin'.

See you Monday (if I make it back out of the mountains).

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Shox News 

Love it.

David Sedaris 

So I'm on a rampage of reading contemporary American writers I've always meant to read and never got around to. Eggers was first. I found him to be overrated. You Shall Know Our Velocity! was a good book, but not what I had anticipated after reading his essays, which I find near-flawless. In fact, the book could have been a short story, but was stretched to the point that it lost form and in losing form lost substance as well. That sounds harsher than it really needs to be. It's worth reading. I just had the bar set too high.

Now it's on to Sedaris. I'm going to tackle Naked first. If I dig that at all, I'll probably see about Me Talk Pretty One Day.

One thing you gotta love about Sedaris (aside from his stints on NPR) is his attitude:
d: So you literally have a tip bucket at your readings?

DS: Yeah, people will ask, "Is that your tip bucket," and I'll say, "Yeah." Then they say, "Anyway, if you could make this out to Sheila." Like, would you go to Starbucks and say, "Is this your tip bucket? OK, anyway...." Someone a couple of days ago told me that I make enough money from royalties, and I told her, "It's not your place to tell me how much money I need. I will tell you when I have enough money."


Tuesday, June 21, 2005


After weeks and weeks of waiting, all of my grades are finally in. This includes the much anticipated Jurisprudence grade.

I had one rather ugly spot, but did well in the classes in which I was most interested. That's always been a trend with me...it was just magnified this time around.

Oh...and hit me up on my space.

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