Wednesday, June 01, 2005


The game was cool. I left half-way through. I'm exhausted after 3 hours of sleep and a long day at work. Hittin' the sack.


That's as opposed to "Los Angeles."

I did the whole "L.A." thing tonight. Guest list at the A-list spot courtesy of a new friend and coworker. Saw the celebrities, sorta played the game.

What a fuckin' joke. I'm really glad this wasn't my first night in this town, or I'd be typing this from a flight home. There are good folks here, but what a parade of plastic this town can be. The music was lame and the crowd was a herd of assholes and sluts. It's interesting, because if you play cowboy - just act like you own the place - you can move the herd where you like. I got invited to Vegas by this group of (insert model, actor, "producer" - whether that refers to film or music is beyond me at this point - or "socialite" here)s. Chumps. I imagine that means doing what I did tonight in a town with even more neon. Well they can have that, I don't want any.

I'm glad Shawn, Kate and Les live here. That's a little slice of home. And I'm glad the people I work with don't really fall for this shit. That makes me feel comfortable where I have to spend most of my time. Big thanks to Amir for hooking it up tonight. God knows I couldn't have stumbled into that place on my own. And I did need to do that while I was here...just so I could write this post.

I can see how it sucks people in. But I can also see how smack sucks people in - doesn't make me want to shoot up.

Going to see the Dodgers play the Cubs tomorrow. That should be a breath of fresh air. This is officially the last night I go out unless it's to hear nice tunes.

On a navel-gazing note. I'm enjoying the less political, more personal journal blogging thing. Expect more of this until I get back to school. If you don't like it, don't let the door bust your ass on the way out.

Monday, May 30, 2005


Killed it. That's one charismatic dude.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

So Far 

So good. I'm having a pretty damn good time. I miss my girl something fierce and I miss my friends back in Austin pretty bad, but I'm maintaining. Jess is doing great in China. She's staying with a family that sounds really cool and meeting lots of new people. The family she's with speaks a Kunming dialect that is apparently pretty difficult to understand for someone more familiar with straight Mandarin, but Jess's language skills are unmatched so I'm sure she's not having too much trouble. The only complaint she has is the trouble of making sure the dialect doesn't push out the Mandarin she's learned.

The record shops here are ridiculous. I went to Amoeba yesterday and dropped a little over a bill after sifting through the used dance and electronic records and walked out with a grip of wax. Picked up some old stuff that's out of print as well as more recent tracks that I missed and most of the stuff was under 5 bux a plate. I found this Slope album I've been rockin' off CDs forever for $1.99 - the whole album...nuts.

Then today I hit up this joint Aaron's that my buddy Les turned me on to. It's hot. Picked up the Plantlife album (dopeness) and some old Herbie Hancock goodies (in great shape) along with some early 00's broken ish that I missed at the time.

As for shows, Friday night was bar hopping before checking out DJs Collette and Heather. It was good times mostly because I finally hooked up with Kate and Shawn, and Les met us later after he got off work. Good people. Ran into this dude Lucian from Dallas as well - didn't even know he'd moved out here.

Last night I went out to dinner with a bunch of lawyers and law students working at the same firm I am. Dive Thai place was the jam - family style eating and cheap sake (price, not quality). Then after dinner we went to this club, Element. One of the lawyers I work with knows the owner so we got the treatment. The music was bunk but there were some cool people in our crew, so the night turned out to be pretty fun.

Tonight is Dwele at the Conga Room. I'm stoked. Should be a good time - same joint I saw Daz and Orin from Bugz play at in the fall. I'll fill you in tomorrow. I've totally lost my voice. I'm thinking its the combo of yelling in loud rooms, my general problem of talking way too much, and dryer air. I hope that's all it is. If I'm getting sick I'm gonna be pissed.

Oh...and I'm trying to keep track of upcoming shows, but two I know of for sure are Platinum Pied Pipers and Mark de Clive-Lowe. Nicely.


My brother is seriously into it. I'm not a huge fan, but what a little cock knocker Robby Gordon is. He's actually complaining that a woman driver, who qualified for the Indy 500, weighs only 100 pounds and therefore has an advantage in the race. Claims he won't race if she's allowed to drive. Well good riddance, asshole.

I've got some advice for that whiney little brat. Either lose 100 lbs. to make it even or shut the fuck up. She qualified. Find me a 250 lbs. jockey at the Kentucky Derby and we'll talk, fucknut.

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