Thursday, November 03, 2005

Wal-Mart Piracy 

This is funny.

A Wal-Mart media relations person was kicked out of a screening of a new documentary critical of Wal-Mart for trying to record the movie with a cell phone.
The incident is the latest chapter in escalating public relations battle
between Wal-Mart and its critics. The retailer has set up a rapid response war
room in Arkansas to monitor its critics, and sent media specialists to Manhattan
as part of the effort.

Anybody notice a similarity between the Wal-Mart response to criticism and the Bush Administration's response to criticism?

Birds of a feather.

I think the response from the film's distributor is priceless:
Rick Jacobs, the chairman of Brave New Films, which is distributing the
film, said he was considering filing charges against Wal-Mart and the consultant
for attempted piracy. "You can't just go in and record a movie," Mr. Jacobs
said. "Wal-Mart should know. They are the largest seller of DVD's in the



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