Thursday, November 10, 2005


So I was reading about this new paleontology find. The article starts like this:
A bizarre marine crocodile that lived 135 million years ago in what is now
Argentina had the head of a dinosaur and the tail of a fish, paleontologists
said on Thursday.

I always think its strange when reporters insist on remarking on how each new species fromm the past we discover is so "bizarre" or "otherwordly" or "almost magical" or whatever.

But then I got to this part:
The animal is "the most bizarre marine crocodile known to date," said Diego
Pol, a co-author of the study.

Well, can't blame that on the reporter, can I? That doesn't seem very scientific to me. Most aquatic, sure. Most bizarre? Hmm... I can't tell whether that's a value judgment or an aesthetic one, but either way it seems pretty subjective.

I wonder what the scientific scale of "bizarreness" looks like.

And more importantly, where do I fit on that scale.

I hope I'm at least a 6.


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