Friday, October 14, 2005

Speakers - Rest in Peace 

Speakers was the best pet of any species that I have ever known. He was a part of our family. I loved that cat - he had more personality than most people.

Late Wednesday night, Speakers was killed by three dogs. Jess had to hear it happen.

When we first met Speakers, it was because our friends Denny and Alicia found him on the Eastside, a scrappy little kitten scraping a living in a neighborhood filled with rough cats and unleashed dogs. Actually, he found them. He started sneaking into their house when the door was open and stealing the resident cat, Lenny's, food. He was so tiny Denny and Alicia started feeding him. When Jess met him, she fell in love and took him in. Given a good home, Speakers turned out to be a truly beautiful animal, inside and out.

I could write pages about the wonderful times I've had with that cat. Times like this. But nothing would do him justice. Yesterday, we took him out to Jess's family farm east of San Angelo and buried him. Jess's dad was kind enough to etch his name into a flat stone to serve as a monument. Rest in peace, Speakers - you were one kick ass cat, and you'll be missed dearly.


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