Thursday, September 22, 2005


Hurricane Rita is headed to Texas. My folks are in Houston still deciding what they are going to do. Looks like they're going to play chicken with the storm, and if they blink they're going to dodge down the coast ahead of it before cutting north to Austin to avoid traffic. I hope their plan works...in any event I think their house will be fine when it's all said and done. Though there may be significant long-term power outages.

I'm about to go to the store and buy some water and candles just in case things get hairy at all up here. I don't anticipate it, but better safe than sorry I suppose. I think ACL Fest is going to be a bit wet this weekend. That's too bad. I wonder how many folks are still going to trek in from out of town just to get flooded out? We shall see.

In any event. Let's send some love down to the coast and hope the flooding here doesn't get too bad. I know I'm going to have an apartmentful of Houstonians whether or not my parents make it up here. So we'll just turn it into a party.



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