Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The Death of Satire... 

occurs when reality outpaces it.

Case in point: James Dobson's pointers on how to keep your son from succumbing to The Dreaded Gay.

I'm too busy to tackle this one now, so I'll leave it in the capable hands of Brad Plumer, Norbizness (big up Austin bloggers!), and Sadly, No.

It's really comedy gold, though I assume unintentionally so.

Oh...and this still doesn't count as a return to political blogging...yet. Once I get back from Japan, though, it'll be full speed ahead on that front.

UPDATE: Balloon Juice on the case as well. Incidentally, John Cole who runs that site is a conservative guy I agree with pretty regularly, or at the very least feel has reasonable bases for the views I disagree with.


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