Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Springs 

Well I've been back in Austin for a few days now. I've already been to Barton Springs twice, yesterday for the whole day. Man I love this town. It'll be really hard to leave here if that's what ends up happening. It's been nice to be back with my friends but it's making me miss Jess even more. At least I've stayed true to my non-smokingness (or whatever you call it) despite being back DJing in bars where people can smoke inside.

I start the new job tomorrow. My little mini-vacation the last few days has been nice, but I haven't done anything "productive" the whole time. Which means that I'm starting my work week at the end of my laundry and my room is only half-unpacked - and that half has been strewn about like I was doing a charade of the bastard lovechild of Jackson Pollock and Marry Poppins.

I managed to sleep until almost 4 p.m. (!) today, which is awsome. But at the same time, it means I'm not the least bit tired at 11:30 p.m. the night before my first day of work. Oh...and it also means I was too late to get my hair cut. Of course, I don't think I should have to get a haircut to fit in at my new job. But whatever I think should be the case couldn't be further from the point. I do need to get a haircut to fit in at my new job. But when did I ever fit in anyway? When did it bother me? Right...if I really cared I would have woken up bright and early at three in the afternoon - plenty of time to hit up Supercuts before closing and get the mop chopped. Good thing I'm so witty and delightful to be around because grooming has never been a my strong suit.

Right. So. This post was supposed to be about Barton Springs.

It's nice there.


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