Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Live from Lordsburg, NM! 

When they have wireless in a place like this, it means we've truly entered the digital age.

Unfortunately, I'm about 180 miles east of where I was hoping to be tonight. The power went out on my whole block this morning in L.A. just as I was packing up. When you're in a highrise, that's a problem. Nothing worked. The doors wouldn't unlock, the car gate wouldn't go up - fuckin' mess. So I got out of L.A. about 3 hours later than I wanted to, and here I am in Lordsburg.

Nice Holiday Inn Express, though. The young lady at the check-in desk even hooked me up with a room for half price. And I figured I smelled like an old sock after 10 hours on the road. Not a bad deal I guess...gotta sleep somewhere.

Now to doze for 6-7 hours and hit the ground runnin' tomorrow morning. Can't wait to be back in the Austin.


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