Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Gnomes Gnomes Gnomes 

Someone in Colorado has a thing for gnomes.

Read the whole thing. I'm thinking that the culprit is some sort of genetically superior meta-gnome. Check this bit out:
On June 13, the saga took a strange twist when Johnson [a local reporter] found an abused gnome in her front yard, its eyes blackened with ink, bandages on its head, its arm in a sling and one foot covered with bandages. Red nail polish resembling blood was painted on his bandages and nose and on his little, pointy hat.

The culprit left a note, too:


This is getting ugly.


Hee, hee."

Mike Peters is another local reporter. I'm grounding my meta-gnome theory in the "hee, hee" language of the note. That's Gnomish for "Gonna kneecap your ass."


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