Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Texas Humor 

I've noticed before in my travels that it doesn't always sit well with people. This is true of California as well. Some people get my jokes. Some of these find them funny and others don't. So be it. But others have gone so far as to spin out of control into fits of self-righteousness that appear to come from some visceral hatred of sarcasm. Or they're just stupid and don't get the joke, which is more likely the case I suppose.

I was mulling this over today when I ran across this description of Texas humor from Amanda Marcotte (another Austin blogger) in the middle of a post over at Pandagon that I thought was particularly spot on.
I can speak for Texans and say that our humor is equal parts self-effacement and uncalled for braggadicio, covered with a thick layer of bullshit to make it difficult to tell when the bragging ends and the self-effacement begins.

That's a pretty apt description if you ask me.


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