Saturday, June 11, 2005

New Camera 

Here's the first picture I took with it. That's my temporary home in L.A. in the background. As you can see, one of the walls is just a big ass mirror.

Now if I can learn how to keep my hand still while taking photos, I'll be in good shape...

End of this week was funny. Partied a bit too hard on Thursday night and ended up being a zombie at work on Friday...so of course I was approached by more people than normal to do things. I think I survived without pissing off too many people with my sluggishness and generally out-of-it behavior.

Hard partying is now formally relegated to Fridays and Saturdays. I slept all night last night (like 9pm - 10am) because I was so tired. What a waste. Jess has left to go to Dali for a while with a friend. Sounds like fun...wish I could be there with her.

And just because I miss her like crazy, here's a pic of Jess and I grubbing at the Standard right before she left.

Expect more pictures from here on out...if it starts to get to crazy and it's talking forever to load lemme know and I'll do something about it.


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