Wednesday, June 01, 2005


That's as opposed to "Los Angeles."

I did the whole "L.A." thing tonight. Guest list at the A-list spot courtesy of a new friend and coworker. Saw the celebrities, sorta played the game.

What a fuckin' joke. I'm really glad this wasn't my first night in this town, or I'd be typing this from a flight home. There are good folks here, but what a parade of plastic this town can be. The music was lame and the crowd was a herd of assholes and sluts. It's interesting, because if you play cowboy - just act like you own the place - you can move the herd where you like. I got invited to Vegas by this group of (insert model, actor, "producer" - whether that refers to film or music is beyond me at this point - or "socialite" here)s. Chumps. I imagine that means doing what I did tonight in a town with even more neon. Well they can have that, I don't want any.

I'm glad Shawn, Kate and Les live here. That's a little slice of home. And I'm glad the people I work with don't really fall for this shit. That makes me feel comfortable where I have to spend most of my time. Big thanks to Amir for hooking it up tonight. God knows I couldn't have stumbled into that place on my own. And I did need to do that while I was here...just so I could write this post.

I can see how it sucks people in. But I can also see how smack sucks people in - doesn't make me want to shoot up.

Going to see the Dodgers play the Cubs tomorrow. That should be a breath of fresh air. This is officially the last night I go out unless it's to hear nice tunes.

On a navel-gazing note. I'm enjoying the less political, more personal journal blogging thing. Expect more of this until I get back to school. If you don't like it, don't let the door bust your ass on the way out.


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