Monday, June 13, 2005

A Day at the Beach 

I have to admit...I like being able to go to the beach on a whim. Yesterday I spent the early portion of my Sunday afternoon at the horse track losing 10 dollars with some attorneys and a few of the other summer associates from the firm.

As I was leaving, I decided I might want to go to the beach. My friend Tom lives right by the beach, so I went home, grabbed my suit, and met him down at his place (in Southern Santa Monica). So about 30 minutes after I thought to myself "perhaps I'd like to go to the beach" I was at the beach. It's definitely a nice way to round off your week and make sure you got all the stress out before you start over again on Monday.

After the beach, Tom and I met a few of the other summers and had a mexican dinner with the requisite margarita and a corona. I slept perfectly. Now that's a nice Sunday afternoon.


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