Tuesday, June 07, 2005

And It Don't Stop 

On Thursday, I talked to my mom and decided to book a flight to Houston leaving Friday afternoon. My brother was flying in from Knoxville and my uncle and his girlfriend-type-person were headed over from Florida. I was to be the only missing link, so I used up a free flight on Southwest and jetted out for the weekend.

I got there about bedtime on Friday night after leaving the office about four. It's amazing how a 2-hour time change can really throw you for a loop sometimes. Saturday I got up and hung out with my mom for a while as the rest of the crew went shopping. We ate lunch and headed out to the ballpark to watch the Astros lose to the Cardinals. But the bats were hot, so at least the game was a good one to watch. I've seen more baseball games live in the last week than in the last 4 years combined. Crazy.

Saturday night after the game, my brother and I hit the town for a little while. It's always good to see him, and it doesn't happen enough anymore. He's doing well, which is good to see. He got to drive the Bristol track in a real NASCAR. That's a big deal, but I wouldn't know it except that he told me so.

Sunday I got up and basically just chilled until I split for the airport mid afternoon.

Yesterday, a big group from the firm went to the Fox Studios to see an advance screening of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." I had the bar set really low, and the movie cleared it and then some. It was like a cross between "The Borne Identity" - by the same director and you can tell - and "Grosse Point Blank" - one of my all-time favorite movies. The action scenes are great, and with the lead actor and actress there's enough hotness to go around. It's good hollywood tripe - entertaining if you enter it with the proper combination of suspension of disbelief and a little slack for bad writing. There were only a few groaners, though, and most of the writing was fairly witty. The script was such that Jolie and Pitt didn't have to act so much that it became obvious that they really can't, but allowed them just the right amount of wiggle room to show off the fact that neither is completely incompetent. Spend a few bucks and go see it on the big screen - it's actually worth the time and money.

Today was a long day at work, and I've spent the time since burning CDs and reading about music. I'm about to hit the sack early so I can get to work early tomorrow so I can leave early tomorrow afternoon so I can go buy a digital camera...whew.


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