Thursday, May 19, 2005

Tucson or Tuscon? 

I can never remember which way it's spelled, but I'm blogging from it now at a place called the Epic Cafe.

Jess and I got here last night. We rolled into town, checked into the Congress Hotel. Then we drove up to the Saguaro National Park and watched one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen. Truly magnificent. Those cactii are pretty sweet, too.

From there we went to the restaurant where Jess worked when she lived here and had Teppan style goodies. I got stuffed and tired from driving 12 hours so we went back to the hotel to crash out. Only to be woken up every 30 minutes or so by a train going right by the hotel and, of course, blowing it's horn as it passed. Funny how you don't notice the tracks before it's too late. Oh well. The hotel was a groovy old joint and was worth the noise to crash in something more interesting than the local Motel 8.

Overall a good short stay here - now after breakfast and some internetting, it's off to Los Angeles. The Standard is booked, which sucks, but we'll find something to continue our vacation before we settle in to my sublet.


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