Monday, May 09, 2005

Suing the Government 

On Friday, the initial pleading was filed in Dallas County Court in the landmark case of Randal Wardle v. United States of America; George W. Bush, President (5/6/2005 05-4535-K).

The action is pro se and declaratory in nature, with the plaintiff asserting he must be paid "or the world will end." According to CNS Dallas Reporter:
Amongst other things, he is demanding $150 billion, the deed to Ft. Knox, one million ounces each of gold, silver and platinum, the Gutenberg Bible and a stuffed snow leopard.
Click here for a .pdf of the handwritten pleadings.

I, for one, am taking this very seriously. If the government caves under the pressure of this case, I won't be able to go to the Dallas Public Library on Commerce St. in D-town because Mr. Wardle will have secured himself a free 365,000 year lease.

(Via my friend Abbey - nice one)


Abbey's response (via e-mail - no link for you!) too funny not to post:
I, for one, enjoy the idea of him getting all of that and then looking down and saying "Wait...a...minute! This Ricky Schroeder picture is NOT FRAMED! No Deal! Commence--End of the World!"


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