Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Social Security 

I haven't posted on Social Security for a few reasons. First, I refuse to respond to people who lie. George Bush, CATO, Heritage, et. al. do not want to "maintain the solvency" of Social Security. They want to destroy it. They always have and they always will, it's just that Bush actually has the balls (and lack of brains) to try to pull it off.

So I'm not going to play their game and defend Social Security because the vast (and I mean vast) majority of Americans, when they figure out what the Republicans are really up to with this whole thing, are going to vote the fuckers right out onto the their asses. Social Security will then live on in blissful solvency with a modest hike in payroll taxes, probably on really rich people. That's a good thing in my book, so you won't hear me defend the program - it defends itself. They don't call it the "third rail" for nothin' - and you'd think a yankee like Bush would have been around enough trains to know why you don't grab it.

But here's a modest proposal. Let's take all the money we spend each year locking up people for low-level marijuana charges and throw it in the trust fund. Hell...if the tokers manage to get jobs, they'll be helping out even more.

Now wasn't that easy?


Another take on Social Security over at Drilling Alaska.


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