Friday, May 20, 2005

Los Angeles 

We arrived last night and found the apartment. It's really nice - right next to UCLA in Westwood. The commute is gonna suck, but then again this is L.A.

Oh...and The Standard wasn't booked afterall. We got a room booked yesterday for tonight. I started this post last night and I'm finishing it tonight. Meanding, meandering.

Anywho...The Standard is pretty sweet. Jessie is mad because they have unicorns on the roof (they're those ivy vines around the metal frame variety). She's not mad because there are unicorns - she loves unicorns. It's just that this place is too fake. They've coopted the unicorn. They don't really understand.

So...long story short. L.A. good. Unicorns out of place. Fish and chips and apple strudel on the way to the room via room service. Bedtime in the near future. DJs here couldn't mix their way out of a moist paper bag, but the chick that was rockin' tunes in the afternoon was really cool.

The End.

(more later)


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