Friday, May 13, 2005

Drawing Battle Lines 

I've talked before about the separation of church and state and my belief that the only line to be drawn is an absolute one - total separation - and that is the line I regularly defend.

Here is a fairly convincing, politically pragmatic argument for drawing that line a little further back.

I won't say I'm swayed yet, but I'm willing to consider it. In fact, if I thought for a second that the folks on the other side of the debate were willing to draw their line back a bit as well, I'd go along gladly. Unfortunately I have no such faith in the Dobsons and, by extension, the Frists of the world.

It's like setting the number of paces before you draw in a duel. I have absolute faith that if the number was set at 3, Dobson would pull a 1-2-shoot your ass in the back.


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