Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Hating Liberals 

This post over at Democratic Underground is classic. I feel this way far too often (and occasionally find myself engaged in the very activities I find so grating).
All too often, liberals would rather complain and feel good about themselves than choke down the hard stones that sometimes have to be swallowed when seeking a solution that might actually work.

Liberals like to fight. They get into a room, either real or electronic, and wind up in huge, epic arguments about this or that while skating past the fact that the person they are arguing with and insulting agrees with about 90% of what they agree with. They forget the old rule: If you find yourself screaming in rage at someone who agrees with 90% of what you agree with, you might just be a zealot and therefore no good to anyone but yourself.

Conservatives used to be like liberals. They were out of power and fighting amongst themselves, the Birchers v. the Rockefellars v. the Nixonites v. the Reaganites v. the Fundamentalists v. the Internationalists. Somewhere along the line, they figured out how to quell all that, and whoosh! they were in power. I enjoy disliking conservatives and do not enjoy hating liberals, but since they both apparently share so many common characteristics these days, I am helpless before the tide.

I hate liberals. They do not get along, they enjoy disagreement for the sake of disagreement all too often, they are so hard to meld into a coalition that no one has ever, ever, ever managed to meld them into an effective coalition for any significant period of time. Liberals are the reason liberals lose elections nowadays.

I'm a liberal. I believe in the cause, the causes, the policy ideas. We ran the country for years once upon a time while winning World War II and salvaging the national economy by coming up with ways to help the helpless. Imagine it. The things we can do for the good of this country and the world positively boggle the mind.

But I hate liberals, because they won't let that happen. They make me absolutely crazy.
Read the whole thing, that's just the kicker. His "recent examples" are priceless and I can totally relate. My first experience with this was when the whole "political correctness" thing became all the rage on the left. I've got a big mouth, so suddenly I was a closet bigot because I would say things like, "You know Keith...black guy, about 5'10" and keeps his head shaved - philosophy major." I actually got chewed out for referring to a friend as Mexican because the correct word was, apparently, "latino." Except my friend is from Mexico City.

So I get what this guy's talking about. And I could go on about meetings of hard left groups...more often frustrating than enlightening, even when you agree with almost every word that's said.


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