Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Who's Your Daddy - Egypt Style 

Following up on this post on the possibility of emerging democracy in Egypt, I just read an interesting article from The Guardian that ties in Mubarak's democracy announcement with another flaunting of the traditional Egyptian status quo - a woman's filing of a paternity suit and its apparent acceptance by the government.

Kevin's comments to the last post summed up my gut reaction to Mubarak's statements pretty well:
It was either Leiter or Juan Cole who noted that Egypt is going to allow multi-party elections, but only officially approved parties can participate. This means parties with actual popular support will be kept out of the elections. Hopefully this is a baby step in the right direction but it might also be a way to coopt the notion of free elections without actually making and progress. Sigh.
Here's the post by Cole to which Kevin refers.

But the Guardian article gives me a little shred of hope omre than I had before because this announcement appears to be coinciding with a general liberalizing trend in the country. These elections may be cover, but if it'sthe symptom of a positive trend, I'm willing to be happy about that.


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