Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Living Wills 

I like Greg's over at The Talent Show:
By the way, if any of this shit ever happens to me, please pull the plug. Once my body's cold, let the organ harvesters, medical students, etc. take whatever they want. Cremate anything that's left over, toss it in the ocean, and go buy yourselves a drink with whatever you found in my wallet. But.....

If I get into the situation as the result of medical malpractice, corporate negligence, or some other dastardly (and preventable) means, keep me alive long enough to turn my situation into a media circus. Since it seems to be the only way cases like this get any attention, make sure to send every videotape or photograph that you may have of me to every news outlet you can find. Use the resulting orgy of coverage to get some attention to the horrible nexus of insurance interests, pharmaceutical companies, and bribed political interests that ensures that millions of Americans (unlike their peers in Japan, Canada, Britain, etc.) without healthcare of any sort. If you find it necessary to split into two opposing camps to pontificate endlessly about "What Greg would have wanted", please try to keep religion out of it, okay?


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