Thursday, March 10, 2005

Headlines and Assholes 

The headline of the day:

McDonald's Unveils Healthy Living Campaign

In other news:

Michael Jackson Unveils Babysitting Campaign


Tom DeLay Unveils Grassroots Democracy Campaign

Oh wait, no he didn't. He's gonna get his ass indicted because he can't keep e-mails from popping up that tie him directly to massive corporate contributions to politicians in Texas through TRMPAC.

Get him, Ronnie...

I don't hate many people...but DeLay makes my fucking skin crawl. What a waste of flesh.

UPDATE: Damn...old Tommy's been busy. Heading to South Korea illegally on top of his busy schedule of breaking campaign finance laws and generally being a cock-knocker.

I'm gonna do a jig the day that prick flames out.


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