Monday, March 21, 2005


Newsflash: Think tanks and foundations attempt to influence public opinion through the media!

In other news, the sun is hot!

Mickey Kaus tries to get to snarky by equating the situations at TAP and NPR with Armstrong Williams but falls just short - arriving instead at retarded:
Essay Question: How is the American Prospect different from Armstrong Williams?
In response, I offer the following essay:

How TAP is Different from Armstrong Williams
by Tbag

Because the Pew Foundation is not the government of the United States, you fucking dolt.

The End.

I wish astroturfing didn't exist. But it does, and private entities on both sides of the political spectrum engage in it all the time. Similarly, overtly partisan media outlets (like TAP) are willing to shill for their side, especially if there's money in it. The same could be said for the NY Post, where the article that started all this appears.

But when the GOVERNMENT DOES IT, it's not just astroturfing or swaying public opinion, it's FUCKING PROPAGANDA. Bit of a difference.


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