Sunday, December 26, 2004


One last bit before I sign off again.

Several of my friends have recently inquired as to the time/location of my next DJ gig. I've been really busy lately and the place I was playing at regularly before the busy-ness lost its liquor license just before the busy-ness began, which left me gigless for some time. So this post is to announce the re-beginning of my old weekly gig, "Get Broke."

Get Broke (vol. 2)

Merrick Brown (one of my bestest friends and a fabulous dj/producer/graphic designer)
Tyler (that's me)

And the best emcee in Austin who also happens to be my roommate of many years:
Perspective (aka Che, aka a bunch of other names)

Sake on Sixth
621 E. 6th St.
Austin, TX
It's a cool joint, locally owned/operated with local artists featured on the walls. Features inside and outside dining, dancing, etc.

Every Wednesday night from 10pm until people stop dancing (or they kick us out)

Anyone 21+ who likes to get down

How much:
Free (but you have to buy me a Jameson on the rocks)

Music, sushi, drinks and dancing. Merrick and I play an eclectic blend of dance music including (but not limited to) broken beat, funk, soul, hip-hop, jazz, boogy, italo, breaks, electro, etc. Expect the unexpected, and bring that ass ready to shake. You may hear some downtempo, abstract, and twisted soul thrown in for spice. So actually bring that ass ready to shake and that mind open. Seriously, I think you'll dig it.

Extra Bonus:
We'll be thowin' down New Years Eve and playin' late. Hit it up for midnight or come for the aftterpartying.

If you're in Austin and you dig a good party on humpday, come check us out and be sure to hit me up for a special, free, "I saw this blog post" drink on me.

Back to Texas 

I'm back in Texas. Had a blast in Costa Rica. I only wish I could have stayed longer and spent a few days at the beach. But I did have a damn good time in the rain forest and cloud forest.

I'd blog about it all, but I'm on blogging holiday through Jan. 1st (or 2nd, depending on how long recovery takes).

Viva la vacacion!

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