Thursday, November 04, 2004

Silver Lining, Pt. 1 

Medical marijuana got a boost Tuesday.

Montana passed by a wide margin an initiative protecting patients who use marijuana medicinally from arrest.

Several municipal level initiatives passed as well.

Maybe there is such a thing as compassionate conservatism. I sure hope so.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Uh oh 

This scares me.

I wish FDR was here, too, but not the way this guy does. I want FDR here so that he can protect me from this guy.

Well, Clearly I Was Wrong 

I'm going to take a break from blogging for the rest of the week.

I need time to remember that we lost an election, but that doesn't mean I can't smile and kick it with my friends. Even the one's that I disagree with about the election.

I'm worried, as are most who share my values, I'm sure. But we live in a democracy where majority rules, and the majority chose Bush, even if it was by just a fraction. That's how our system works (at least that's the simplified view of how our system works).

George Bush is my president. I hope he leads well, and tries to represent my interests as well as he can within his own worldview. I hope that not because I think he has to, but because I think that's what a good leader does and I want my president to be a good leader.

There is a lot to digest right now. Soon, the newshawking, criticizing, bitching, moaning, analyzing (at least occasionally), and trying to be funny now and then will restart apace.

In the meantime, celebrate the freedom you have under any American president, from the vote you cast to being able to bitch about the results.

Monday, November 01, 2004

The Big Electoral College Prediction! 

I'm overloaded with stuff.

I don't know what to write about.

I'm confident in a Kerry win now, so here's my prediction about results tomorrow (for those who care):

Kerry wins IA, OH, PA, WI, MN, OR, WA, and NH (and NJ and Hawaii for all weirdos who insist these are now swing states).

Bush takes FL, AZ, NM, WV, NV, CO, and VA.

Everything else will shake out as expected.

That gives Bush 259 electoral votes and Kerry a winning 279

I would also say that this is a baseline conservative prediction from a Kerry supporter. I think that given the "undecideds break for the challenger" rule and the "pollsters don't call cell phone or VOIP users" new dynamic, that Kerry could win by a larger margin than expected and could end up taking some states that would be surprising to most (think AZ, CO, etc.).

On the other hand, Hawaii could go Bush, but won't swing the result, and FL could go to Kerry, which would make for a blowout.

If my baseline prediction is correct (and I do think it the most likely outcome), then I will go buy myself a big cookie.

UPDATE: Oh yeah. One more prediction that is a key underpinning to the predictions above. There is going to be a huge (as in historically huge...massive) voter turnout this year. If the early voting results have anything to say about it, this prediction will turn out accurate (and is therefore only part prediction, part extrapolation, but let's not get all lawyery about it).

I also think the youth vote will actually play the role that so many people have claimed it would play in the past, though it never did.

UPDATE: Iowa added as a swing state (duh) and for Kerry (not-as-duh, but it'll happen).

Funny Headline 

Via Talent Show - here's a good one...
"Cornhole" Catching on Beyond Midwest
Tee hee.

UPDATE: Dude, I wish I had a screen-shot...they changed the headline to "Corn Toss".

But read the article (which is VERY fascinating) and you still get a quote from the head of the "American Cornhole Association"!

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Dog Days are Here Again 

For regular readers, the rise of our canine overlords is not surprising. I've been tracking the dogs' assention of the evolutionary ladder for some time. For those imaginary people who are visiting this corner of the ol' interweb for the first time, see this post for a run-down of the coming revolution.

Now, via Ian R., we have reason to rejoice. The dogs have mercy afterall, and perhaps we can learn to live as loyal pets to these magnificent creatures.

The headline of the week:
Dog Dials 911 to Save Owner
Thank you, Mr. Dog sir...thank you so much.

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