Saturday, October 09, 2004

Debate the Second 

This is my take on the second presidential debate:

Bush didn't do as well as he needed to, but better than last time. He passed, but he needed to win decisively and he didn't. His attacks on Kerry fell flat.

I call it a draw, but that's a Kerry win given the current momentum.

All in all, I say...right now...that I'm shitfaced and don't really give a shit (blessedly, for at least a few hours)...

Oh...and Bush's wood comment will bite him in the ass...along with his "I didn' t make any mistakes ever" thing. Neither made a difference live, but wait 'till the retardo Heateresque punditocracy gets their hands on that shit...they love that kind of shit.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Debate Zombies 

Is it me, or are the "town hall" members in the debate looking like zombies?

Were they told to "look unbiased" or something?

It just looks so wierd.

Los Angeles 

Blogging to you live from sunny L.A.!

I'm chillin' right now in one of the coolest hotels I've ever stayed at (outside of South Beach).

I came here for an interview yesterday that went off great. The firm has a casual dress code, the people are incredibly cool, and the city (or what I've seen of it) is much more pleasant than I expected. It's looking very, very likely that I'll be spending at least a month and a half here this summer.

I'm planning on watching the debate tonight right before I head up to the bar/pool/waterbeds (yeah...you read that right) on the roof of this place where there's a live DJ that drops sweet tunes from old funk and soul to new downtempo and midtempo electronic grooves. It's like I've died and gone to heaven...the only thing missing is my beautiful girlfriend, who couldn't make it.

All in all, I'm having a blast. It's been good to get out of Austin for a little while...change perspective temporarily and get a different look at the world. Talking politics in my interview yesterday and agreeing with everyone when it came up was unbelievably refreshing after constantly hitting walls in such conversations with lawyers in Texas. The attitude out here is much different than Texas...good in some ways, bad in others...but I won't try to elaborate until I've spent some more time here.

So right now I'm going to go take a quick dip in the rooftop pool, and then study in the sun with a margarita or two until dinner/debate time. Then it's back to the roof after the debate for tunes, people-watching, and meeting DJs, promoters, etc. so I can get my moonlighting career a little kick-start in case I move out here in the future.


Oh yeah: Forgot to mention that the bar on the roof is an L.A. nightlife hotspot these days. There's a huge line outside each night of people waiting up to an hour or so to get in. It's one of those velvet rope, see and be seen things that I usually don't like, but since I'm staying here I get to skip the line, wear whatever the fuck I want, and generally be obnoxious about the situation, which makes it really fun.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Bush Seems Confused 

It's like the spin is spinning out of control and flying over the border from plausibly deniable to drool-inspiring retardation.

Via Political Wire
"My opponent says he has a plan for Iraq. Parts of it should sound pretty familiar -- it's already known as the Bush plan."

"In Iraq, Senator Kerry has a strategy of retreat; I have a strategy of victory."

-- President Bush, in the same speech , this morning in Pennsylvania.

Limbaugh Loses Records Appeal 

This is both good and bad. It's good that this blowhard hypocritical prick is likely to get fucked 4 or 5 different ways by this ruling if it stands...

The bad thing is the precedent this sets and the fact that the search was clearly unconstitutional and is merely a residuary "right" of the government that is the product of years of wear and tear done to our liberties as Americans by the "war on drugs".

The ACLU tried to lend Limbaugh a hand, leading some supporters of the organization (i.e., me) into a conflicted state of scattered priorities.
The American Civil Liberties Union has supported Limbaugh's position, arguing the outcome could affect doctor-patient confidentiality.
The ACLU is right to defend Rush's right to privacy. Even bigoted fucktards deserve their civil liberties.

CNN sums the case up by saying:
The seizure did not affect the popular talk-show host's right to privacy, the court said Tuesday in its 13-page ruling.
Right...and Rush didn't eat enough pills on a daily basis to down a rabid grizzly. Doesn't affect his right to privacy my ass...it EVICERATES his right to privacy.

Actually, I should wait and read the opinion before I start making conclusions, but all in all I'd say it's a bad day for Limbaugh and a bad day for privacy and 4th Amendment protections, the former being sorta fun and good and the latter far outweighing it by being really bad and unconstitutional...

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Post Hip-Hop Show Note 

After several beers and watching Gift of Gab fuck shit up at the Parish I've decided it was at the least a tie and at the most Edwards holding his own against Cheney.

It reminds me of that last scene in Return of the Jedi (Ed. - Empire...aparently a few more beers than I thought...damn) where Luke gets his hand chopped off by Darth Vader. The hand is like Edwards' credibility on foreign policy issues, but in the end, Luke/Edwards wins by being younger and cuter and having a better haircut (or hair at all, really).

May the force be with you...

Mid Debate Note 

Cheney is spanking Edwards...

UPDATE: Post debate note: I was totally unimpressed w/ Edwards in the debate format. Good stump speaker, bad debater. The exact reverse can be said for Cheney. He was solid in this debate on substance, but far from congenial, which is what makes his stump speech sound like an obituary.

All in all, it was either a tie or an edge for Cheney for forcing Edwards on his heels. I don't think it will have much impact overall, except that Edwards stupidly left open a few spin points which might pan out to favor Bush/Cheney.

Of course, I said the last one would have no impact and it seems to have provided the Dems some momentum...so who knows...

As a postscript, I thought Edwards bringing up Cheney's daughter was out of line. I think he probably meant it as congenial, but there's no way it would seem apolitical in that format and Edwards should have known it.

All in all, I'm going to go to a bad ass hip-hop show and enjoy myself.

Green-Colored Glasses 

I ran into my friend Jurgen today as he was going to the doctor and mentioned he recently started a blog.

This guy is responsible for recording some of the CDs I listen to most in the world. Don't tell anyone, though, because I'm pretty sure we didn't tell some of the DJs they were being recorded.

He's a wiz with sound gear, a bit of a wonk, and an all around great guy (and soccer fanatic).

Go check out his blog.

Headline of the Year! 

Okay...I've been writing on and off for a little while now about how our canine overlords will soon rise up and take their rightful place as our Masters and Commanders...

First, they have learned to shoot us.

Then, we discover they can smell cancer (because they created it?).

Now this...the headline of the year.

Man Mistakenly Cuts Off Penis, Dog Eats It.

Turn off the lights, cower in fear under a blanket, and don't make a sound. They're coming for your penis.

(Thanks to Mr. Robert M for the tip on this lovely headline)

UPDATE: Cat lover's everywhere have seized on this event to deliver what must be the coup de gras in the ongoing cat lovers v. dog lovers debate:
"Cats...they'll never eat your penis."

A. Q. Kahn v. Saddam Hussein 

Greg at The Talent Show explains it better than I can.

What he misses is that the whole WMD argument was just something the administration used to bring some "sensible" people on board for the Iraq war who weren't about to buy the "triple bank-shot democracy domino effect" argument that is the real reason the ideologues who took us to war in Iraq did what they did.

He is right to say that this administration is not serious about nuclear proliferation. If they were, Iraq would have been behind several other nations in the "needs to be attacked and occupied" category even if you buy into the flawed assumption that war with states is a proper method of combatting a stateless enemy.

UPDATE: On a less serious note, The Talent Show (which will be appearing on my blogroll soon...good shit) also takes on Debategate (gategate) and how the right-wing blogs have proven that Kerry cheated in the debate by taking a pen from his pocket. Greg shows how if Kerry had a pen, then Bush had a huge cheat-sheet and which is worse, blah blah blah - but then he makes the really important point:
Like all scurrilous charges brought up by the right-wing, there's a gaping logical flaw in this whole "Kerry is a cheater" pseudo-scandal. Let's assume for a moment that John Kerry did cheat and pulled out a ream of notes from his jacket. If that's the case and John Kerry had been breaking the rules, how is it his fault that Bush is bitchy and retarded?
Welcome to my blogroll...a dubious honor at best.

Nobel Prize Winner Levitates! 

So 3 Americans are sharing the nobel prize for their work on the "strong force" that holds together the nucleus of the atom.
Their work has helped science get closer to "a theory for everything," the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences said in awarding the physics prize.
Having "a theory for everything" would certainly be pretty sweet. Can't deny that. But the really dope shit comes a little later in the article, when one of the scientists says:
"Of course it is something I've been dreaming about for quite a while now," he said.

He said he would spend the day "sort of floating six feet above the ground."
Now THAT'S fuckin' neat. I mean...a theory for everything is definitely something to think about, but this dude can fuckin' levitate, man! I've decided that I want to be a physicist when I grow up so I can learn to fly as well.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Don't Forget Poland! 

Poland is planning a pull-out from Iraq...
Poland should withdraw its troops from Iraq by the end of next year, Polish leaders said Monday, the first time the key U.S. ally has indicated a timeframe for pulling its soldiers out of the wartorn nation.
Not good news.


The term is starting and the NYTimes has the roundup of cases.

Their description of federalism is interesting...

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