Friday, October 01, 2004

My...How You've Grown! 

Fox News ridiculousness #2 for the day!

Check out the doctored photo of Bush that appeared on Fox News.

My...how he's grown!

UPDATE: Since Jeff seems to have shown that the photo may not be doctored after all. Here's some more Fox News bullshit (now corrected):
In a version of this article that was published earlier, the Communists for Kerry group was portrayed as an organization that was supporting John Kerry for president. FOXNews.com’s reporter asked the group’s representative several times whether the group was legitimate and supporting the Democratic candidate, and the spokesman insisted that it was. The Communists for Kerry group is, in fact, a parody organization.
Of course, if the FOXNews.com "reporter" had gone to the group's website before running with the story, this would have been abundantly clear. But he asked them, which is the only real way to validate an unknown source...

And it's not just "a parody organization." It's a Republican operation.
Communists for Kerry" is a campaign of the Hellgate Republican Club, a tax exempt non-partisan public advocacy "527" organization
Funny how they got "duped" like that...

The Propaganda Channel 

At least CBS was just retarded and fell for forgeries...

Fox News just makes shit up, posts it on their website, and then pulls it down when they get caught...

Damn librul media.

UPDATE: Retraction and apology posted. Wonder if that would've happened had they not been called on it...

Thursday, September 30, 2004


Snarky, ridiculous one-liners? Andrew Sullivan of all people lays down the best one for the post-debate spin-off:
No president who has presided over Abu Ghraib should ever say he wants to put anyone on a leash. That's all.

The Great Debate 

Kerry smacked down...

Not clear enough a victory to make much of a difference, though...

I predict the race returns to a statistical dead-heat nationally with little change in swing states...

Purple monkey dishwasher...

The end.

Allawi the Puppet 

To those who think it is Kerry who is making Allawi look the puppet...
The unusual public-relations effort by the Pentagon and the U.S. Agency for International Development comes as details have emerged showing the U.S. government and a representative of President Bush's reelection campaign had been heavily involved in drafting the speech given to Congress last week by interim Iraqi Prime Minister Ayad Allawi. Combined, they indicate that the federal government is working assiduously to improve Americans' opinions about the Iraq conflict -- a key element of Bush's reelection message.


But administration officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the prime minister was coached and aided by the U.S. government, its allies and friends of the administration. Among them was Dan Senor, former spokesman for the CPA who has more recently represented the Bush campaign in media appearances. Senor, who has denied writing the speech, sent Allawi recommended phrases. He also helped Allawi rehearse in New York last week, officials said. Senor declined to comment.
Speaking truth when truth may be negative is not the problem. Doing the negative thing that is the truth is the problem.

Bush and Cheney would play politics with Allawi's reputation and standing with Iraqis...Kerry just called it like it is...

Quote of the Day 

Here's the quote of the day:

This evening the candidates of the Fascist Theocracy Party and the Somewhat-More-Prudent Wing of the Ruling Class Party, George W. Bush and John Kerry, will have what is being called a "debate" at the University of Miami.
Posted by a local academic on his blog.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Smoke 'em if you got 'em 

Funny Headline of the Day!

108 Year Old Man Starts Smoking Again

You see, he was a cigar smoker, but quit at the spritely age of 99 because he couldn't afford them anymore. Well, the story made the media and afficionados everywhere started sending the old coot MORE CIGARS!

Said one dude:
"At 108, they can't do him much harm."
Well...that's patently false - they can probably do him more harm than they would do to...say...me or anyone else who has NOT been slowly rotting for over a century, but I guess the point is it really doesn't matter, and on that we can all agree.

So big ups to the cigar smoking fogey!

Note - if the content of late seems less serious than usual, it's because I'm battling a case of severe shrillness right now, and any attempt at political commentary I've made lately devolves into sputtering, shrieks and threats, which isn't fun for anyone but me.

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