Friday, September 24, 2004

Meet Mr. Allawi 

I knew he was a hack stooge, but if even a third of what Layne is saying here is true, we're creating Saddam II to replace Saddam I.

Go democracy!

Crazy Headlines 

Study Shows Dogs Able to Smell Cancer.

Not only is that a Crazy Funny Headline (tm), but it's also pretty fuckin' nifty.

Compare this with week before last's headline where the dog shot the guy, and I'm now certain that it is time to welcome our canine overlords with open arms. God Bless the Asssniffers!

CD Turntables 

There are still a few purists around, but this is getting increasingly right.

I'm one of the purists. I drop vinyl 85-90% of the time (100% if nobody brings a CD-deck, because I don't have one).

Go buy wax - support your local record store...may be a thing of the past soon (though internet sales will keep some open - I buy my records from Chicago)...

Thursday, September 23, 2004


Holy shit.

CBS is retarded. They passed up an expose on forged documents that were a major source of "evidence" supporting the Iraq war for an "expose" featuring poorly faked documents "proving" a foregone conclusion (i.e., Bush is a spoiled brat who pulled strings to get out of Vietnam).

Goddamn fucking gates...

Monday, September 20, 2004

So Very Tired... 

No blogging for a while...head about to explode.

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