Thursday, September 09, 2004

Son of Memo-writer 

  • poor guy
  • got his dead dad dragged into this mess...

    Dirty politics may be fun for us armchair politicos, but this guy didn't ask to have his late father drug into the gutter with nasty politicians from both sides of the aisle.

    Damn shame.

    Kitty Kelley - Worthless Bitch 

    So Sharon Bush is denying that she said she saw Bush do blow at Camp David during the '90s...

    I have two thoughts on this:

    1) Kitty Kelley is a Worthless Bitch.

    I think it's too bad that the claims in her book are going to get any traction - and they will do so because of stories like this. Sharon is doing the typical Democratic screw-up by denying what should be laughed at. Just as Kerry should have laughed at the SBVT nonsense, everyone in the Bush campaign should laugh at Kelley's tripe.

    The problem is they can't laugh it off because "character" is their strength, and this could undercut it - just as Kerry couldn't laugh off the Vietnam garbage because his service is the public face of his foreign policy credentials (though he certainly has more than that beneath that public face).

    Dirty dirty dirty and it's only going to get worse.

    2) Past drug use shouldn't matter - we should focus on abuse (and if there is none, no problem)

    I don't see why using cocaine should impugn your ability to run the country. Now I know it's more about whether or not he lied than it is about the coke use, but I think that drugs-as-bad politics should go the way of the fucking dinosaur. Now if he's demonstrably an addict and it affects his everyday life, there's a problem...same for alcohol. We have to separate use from abuse with all psychotropic substances...

    I thought we were getting over this when Clinton's retarded "I didn't inhale" garbage didn't sink him, or Bush's rather revealing and equally retarded non-answer on past cocaine use didn't sink him, but it just keeps coming up over and over again.

    I'd much rather have a president that does cocaine occasionally than one that takes Prozac all the time.


    ...we are willing to officially use the word "genocide" to describe what is happening in Darfur.
    Powell's use of the word "genocide" for the first time in describing the situation in Sudan followed a strong debate within the government. On one side of the argument, some human rights officials contended that a declaration of genocide would be a powerful statement that would draw world attention to Darfur and promote efforts to halt mass killings there.
    I only hope this means that something can be done about it...

    More Bush Guard Docs 

    Damn...documentary evidence is a bitch, huh?

    Dog Fight 

    Dude, PETA is going to make a commercial (or TV movie or something) about this...which also happens to be the best wire headline of the week:

    Dog Wiggles Paw Free to Shoot Florida Man

    He was trying to shoot the dogs and one of the dogs shot him...way to go Florida Man!

    Wednesday, September 08, 2004

    DNA Fingerprinting 

    This is an interesting article featuring an interview of one of the British scientists who discovered DNA fingerprinting.

    There are so many privacy and civil rights issues related to DNA fingerprinting it's difficult to know where to start in discussing my own take on the technology, but a good place to start is this:

    Technology happens, and trying to prevent it from happening is not a viable position. Too much good comes from technology to let doomsday predictions of specific applications prevent progress. The problem is, how to prevent the doomsday applications? Government regulation is the kneejerk, but I'm not sure this really works, and beaurocratic red tape can hold up progress just as much or more than shrieking doomsdayers...

    What's the solution? I don't know. Let's see what Mr. DNA Fingerprint himself has to say about it:
    Jeffreys advocates a truly national database including every individual, with strict restrictions on what information could be stored.
    Government regulation it is! Take it to its logical extreme technologically and then cork the genie with regulation...how British of him.
    Despite his misgivings, Jeffreys believes the technology has done far more good than harm.
    I'll give him that for now...but one day his "truly national database" will fall into the wrong hands and...DOOMSDAY!

    Tuesday, September 07, 2004

    Bush and the Guard 

    So apparently more documents have surfaced concerning Bush's service in the Guard. It seems he was a pretty damn good pilot and did most of what he was supposed to do. But then there's the juicy bits:

    A six-month historical record of his 147th Fighter Interceptor Group, also turned over to the AP on Tuesday, shows some of the training Bush missed with his colleagues during that time.

    Significantly, it showed the unit joined a "24-hour active alert mission to safeguard against surprise attack" in the southern United State beginning on Oct. 6, 1972, a time when Bush did not report for duty, according to his pay records.

    Bush's lone service in October was outside Texas, presumably with an Alabama unit he had permission to train with in September, October and November 1972.

    As part of the mission, the 147th kept two F-102a jets - the same Bush flew before he was grounded - on ready alert to be launched within five minutes' warning.

    Now anyone with at least 2 of their 5 senses knows that the Bush campaign has opened up attacks and insinuations about past military service as an issue in this campaign, so I think this is pertinent to the debate started by the SBVT folk, who have no documentary evidence for their claims.

    I find it interesting to know that Bush appears to have shirked his duty when he was supposed to be on call to defend our nation (and given the location, my family) against surprise attacks during a time of war. Whatever Kerry did or didn't do in Vietnam, he didn't shy away from his duty.

    What does Orwe...er...the Bush campaign say about this?
    "These documents confirm that the president served honorably in the National Guard," White House spokeswoman Claire Buchan said Tuesday night.

    Kristoff in the mix on this as well. Boston Globe article that is probably definitive on this stuff.

    UPDATE: Kevin Drum does a good roundup of stuff on the issue.

    Monday, September 06, 2004

    Nomination Speech and Iraq 

    Matt Y. goes to town on Bush's assertions about Iraq in his nomination-acceptance speech. It's a long-ass post, but a must read for anyone who is still trying to valiantly defend Bush's war against...well...reality.

    I've very intelligent friends who aknowledge to a certain extent that Bush Co. has been less than perfect in thier handling of the wars they've engaged in, but remain certain that Bush is the lesser of two evils because the Democrats have not put forth any viable alternative where the War on Terra (tm) is concerned. I think this opinion must rest on the premise that the Iraq war is somehow a linchpin of that larger war. I think this premise is absurd, and I've said so since the first grumblings about bombing Saddam started spewing forth from the Fox Propaganda Channel.

    I think the first step to recognizing there is an alternative is to accept that there needs to be one. Matt's post on Bush's blathering disingenuousness about Iraq is a good place to start for those for whom foreign policy is pivotal or, as it is for some, the only thing that seems to matter at all.

    Balazo's Blog 

    Check the blogroll and click on the first blog under "Friends."

    This should be good, clean, libertarian fun. Balazo and I agree on basic tenets of libertarianism and the need to check state power. One day, he'll wake up and realize that multinational corporations are the new states and the greatest current threat to the truly free market and we will, at that glorious, shining moment, have pretty much identical world views.

    In the meantime, go read what he has to say.

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