Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I always forget... 

...the genius that is Get Your War On until someone reminds me it's there. Then I spend about half a day in bent-double laughter catching up on the strips I've missed.


John Kerry - God of War 

Ken Layne lays down a great post on the ridiculousness of the Vietnam he-did-he-didn't back and forth nonsense game that has become American politics.

Discounts for Anarchists 

Jesus...talk about postmodern ridiculousness...

NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg has created a way for "peaceful protestors" to get discounts at hotels, restaurants, and shopping areas while in the city to protest the RNC. The really priceless part is this:

Even anarchists can enjoy saving money as they seek to scuttle America's capitalist system, the mayor admitted.

"They would still get the discount, even if they're an anarchist," said the mayor.
You're joking, right? They're going to give happy-fun-discount cards to the black bloc? Makes sense.

In his next decision as mayor, Bloomberg plans to spray environmentalists with pestacides, free of charge. It's all a part of the city's wider Piss People Off for Peace and Profit Initiative.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

On Finding a Job 

I spent midmorning today in the office of a very well-respected plaintiff's lawyer in town trying my best to slick-talk my way into a job that doesn't involve representing Union Carbide or Shell Oil.

The lawyer (I'm not going to name him because I dunno if he would want my 2-3 readers knowing his identity) said that things have gotten tight since the tort reform propaganda actually made people think corporations and HMOs are better than real people. Okay...he didn't say it like that, but that's how I heard it. He seemed to suggest that "things have gotten tight" could also be heard as "there is a general hiring freeze except in extraordinary situations."

I am once again flirting with the idea of seriously pursuing the Cushy Academic Job of My Dreams (tm). I have my doubts about whether I'm capable of bumrushing the academic field. Lord knows I can talk some shit and make people like me, so of course I'm still considering trial advocacy if I can find somewhere to do it that doesn't lead me down the path of serious moral fuckedupedness, but today's meeting let me know that any path except falling flacidly off the UT assembly line into BigLaw Inc. is going to be difficult. Well, I'm not a huge fan of difficult, but sometimes it's okay (when it's not painfully difficult).

So the meeting that I thought was sure to clear up my "I'm trying to figure out what carreer path to take and I don't even want a carreer" phase has done just the opposite. But it did allow me to chat it up with a stellar lawyer and get some good (if not too heartening) advice.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Recognition for Rants 

Brian Leiter has posted to the main site of his blog a comment (read: half-witted diatribe) I made in response to an earlier post. He has it linked through at his page, so I won't do all the work.

Here's the post. Read the comments for more ranting from yours truly...

Because I posted under my real name, this totally destroys the pseudoanonymity I sort of adhere to on this site, but I don't really care. It should also be noted that I crafted both of my comments/rants while at work through the web interface, so please excuse the hasty, disconnected state of affairs...

Of course, Leiter only refers to my comment as "interesting" and not "informed" or "intelligent," so it's entirely possible that he's just having a laugh at my expense with his big-brained friends.

We report, you decide.

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