Thursday, February 19, 2004

Iraq Blunder 

Not my words, but Nick Confessore's. Okay...mine, too to a certain extent. Check out this post if you want to know one of the main reasons why I feel attacking Iraq wasn't in our best national interest, only i don't have to type it...

I'm not endorsing every word, but I stand by the thesis.

Perp walk BIATCH! 

Skilling takes a stroll! Some people may have forgotten about Enron, but i sure as hell didn't. I'm double plus set on hatin' these fools being a) from Houston and b) a firm believer in the corrupt natuer of our share price-driven economy. I can't tell you how good it feels to watch these assholes walk. I just wish they had to go to real jail instead of cushy-jail or no-jail. These bastards destroyed the livlihoods of thousands of people for their own personal gain, many of them loyal employees and former employees.

Funny that a pickpocket can go to jail for years, but these people tend to get wrist-slaps. Well, at least now they're getting the humiliation of being paraded like the criminals they are.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004


So Pakistan won't allow inspections of its nuclear sites, even after its key weapons developer was discovered leaking nuclear secrets to our good buddies Iran, Lybia and North Korea. He's got a good point on the whole sovereignty issue, and I've no quibble with his position when I see it from his shoes.

I do have a problem with how the Bush Fuckupistration is handling this. I understand that Dicta..er..."President" Mushyface is our "ally" in the war on "terror" and all, but shouldn't this kind of bother us? I've posted on this before (and I'd link to it but my archives are all fucked). It just goes to show that our foreign policy, though couched in terms of "moral clarity" is in reality a FUCKING NIGHTMARE OF INCONSITENCIES!!! And I'm not talking about the kind of inconsitencies that may lead to lack of "good-will" for America around the world (though that is clearly an issue), but the kind of inconsistencies that put nuclear weapons in the hands of our enemies. The whole point of this war we're in now was to prevent that. What did we do? We spent billions of dollars and thousands of lives attacking and occupying a country with an admittedly bad leader but NO WMD, while we sit back and sort of half-criticize our "ally" as it ACTUALLY SELLS SECRETS TO DANGEROUS STATES.


UPDATE: Oh yeah...link via Digby.

Laura Bush 

I don't agree with most of what she says, but I like plenty of people I don't agree with. I really wish I could meet who Laura Bush would've been had it not been for George entering her life. She seems alot like my mom, but without the Yellow Dog Southern Democrat thing.

Slogan Contest 

Which one is better?

As invasive as it is tasty.


Way gooder than bad.

UPDATE: So maybe it's not a good idea to do votes when you don't have any readers. So now there's this "thread" AND the counter to demonstrate conclusively my profound value as a blogger. And now that I've polished off my self-deprication sandwich, I'll proceed to wash it down with a pipin' hot cup o' FUNK! WHOO!!!

Double Standards 

Dean can't seal papers, but Bush can. What does that tell us about the system? Were i a conspiracy theorist, I'd say it is a product of conservative powerholders protecting their own. I'm not, however, and I think it probably has to do more with the fact that the President has more power to protect himself than a Governor, regardless of the fact that both sets of papers deal with governorships.

I'm all for transparency. I think it's good that Dean can't stash his papers. But if we are going to force transparency, let's do it across the board. Not one politician at a time. I understand there are things that need to be kept secret, but neither Bush's nor Dean's papers from their days as Gov. of their states are going to threaten national security.

Blix on the War 

For everyone pretending like there weren't inspectors on the ground. Check this out. Link via Hesiod.

Funniest Law School-Related Post Ever 

Buffalo Wings and Vodka beats its own record.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004


I was really hoping Edwards would pull this one out somehow. That's out of the question, but he showed damn well, and he's got the momentum against Kerry. If Dean drops out (likely at this point) and enough of the Deanies move to Edwards instead of Kerry (also likely given the nature of the two candidates) then this could be a race for 3/2, where there are some damn big delegate numbers.

Edwards is still in this folks, and if he can turn this momentum into some wins (like Georgia, and hopefully even California) he can take this thing.

Edwards in 2004!

UPDATE: Pandagon raises the possibility of a Dean endorsement for Edwards.

Chandler WINS! 

Ben Chandler has won Kentuky's 6th Congressional Seat. Democrats haven't taken a Republican seat for a while, so this is big news.

Kerr, his rival, was soundly defeated while running on a platform of die-hard Bush support in a Southern state. A taste of things to come? Maybe so...

Ashcroft Sued 

This is just awesome. Our Sorcerer General is being sued by one of his own prosecutors. I'm not going to comment on the merits of the thing, as a) I don't know anything about it than what is linked to and b) I think it's pretty likely this guy is more disgruntled than whistle-blower, althought I bet the truth is somewhere in the middle.

I just think anything that will lead to a better fight against terror (and by that I don't mean in the amorphous sense it is used by the administration, but in the very real sense of keeping people from killing Americans) AND a pain in Ashcroft's ass is a good thing. It's also another indication that the famous cohesion of the Bush Administration is falling apart at all levels and in all departments. That's good in my book, too. The more we know about the Stonewaller Administration the better. I'm not for complete transparency of government, but these cats have taken it WAY too far with the secrecy shit.

Monday, February 16, 2004

President's Day 

South Knox Bubba has the quentissential President's Day post. Check it out. Hit the links. It's a laundry list for sure.

On the other hand, there are plenty of laundry lists out there about those presidents he names as the greats. Point is, all people have faults at some level, it's just that Bush has more than most.

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